We have all seen the way beyonce just came out of the dark with something new. Sorry understatement she came out with an explosion like she just sat back let everybody do their shit.

  • Janelle monae
  • chelsea wolfe
  • Alison Goldfrapp
  • Cate le bon
  • Laura marling
  • Laura Mvula

and much more but i know what your thinking, who the fuck are you on about  who are these people. You are even right to think that way because King Bea just came and  

Sparta kicked these basic’s into another realm of existence with 14 songs and 17 videos NO PROMOTION NO ADVERTISEMENT NO SLIGHT INDICATION, NEW TOUR ANNOUNCED AND EVERYTHING THE GIRLS ON SOME ILLUMINATI SHIT RIGHT NOW.  Sorry for the caps my emotions just getting to me.

But that’s not even the main topic of of today. What am about to show you is a little comparison so you can see why Beyonce is right when she says BOW DOWN BIIIIIIIIIITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHES.

So subject number 1

You know i got love for kanye and of course kanye got love for his chick. But this video is crazy and basic as fuck.

West’s Nick Knight-directed video features the rapper driving a motorcycle and Kardashian is riding it facing him. She has no bra on and her boobs shake up and down as the motorcycle goes faster. The couple get very intimate and appear to have taken a love scene out of their bedroom.

Man your girl is already well know from taking Ray J’s frankfurter in her batten burgers and you want to put her on fricking map again by making love to her naked on a motorcycle in front of a green screen of scenery.I love you yeezy and all no homo but fuck this, this one goes to team Ray J and your fake kim kardashian look alike of a girlfriend you draking motherf*****.

Subject 1 paragraph 2

Now Beyonce is clearly looking at you like yeah bitch i wear the pants in this relationship. She did not appear naked in this, she did twerk though like i mean she from Houston she shook her bootylicious behind. But she took a classy approach to her portrayal of the love she got for her man. Then man like HOOOOOVAA just killed is if i do say so myself, if I do say so myself(Get it…… no? …… listen to the song drunk in love then you twat). I’m just saying kanye you need to step your game up and realise you need to surpass Jay z someday like i mean that’s the reason of him making you protégé.(If you dont know what it means look it up) ….  So when the day comes when he retires you will still be giving people Tyson blows.

Ok for the next comparison you really need to be on a laptop to view this to its full effect.

Twerk battle

From pour it up


From the vma (Robin thicke what were you thinking are you really that thick)


From grown woman preview

I think we know who has won here.

Rihanna keep trying(You destroyed miley anyways).

Miley cyrus.


Thank you for your time its hard to get 3 minutes of reading time from people these days please please please share this shit i know it made you laugh. By the way for those who cant take jokes I don’t literally mean kill yourself. I love Kanye West  I really do I don’t rate Kim.  Anyways I always have dope posts and I have one killer on coming for the end of the year. If you want to catch me and give out shit to me or give me new topics hit me up at.




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