We have all seen the way beyonce just came out of the dark with something new. Sorry understatement she came out with an explosion like she just sat back let everybody do their shit.

  • Janelle monae
  • chelsea wolfe
  • Alison Goldfrapp
  • Cate le bon
  • Laura marling
  • Laura Mvula

and much more but i know what your thinking, who the fuck are you on about  who are these people. You are even right to think that way because King Bea just came and  

Sparta kicked these basic’s into another realm of existence with 14 songs and 17 videos NO PROMOTION NO ADVERTISEMENT NO SLIGHT INDICATION, NEW TOUR ANNOUNCED AND EVERYTHING THE GIRLS ON SOME ILLUMINATI SHIT RIGHT NOW.  Sorry for the caps my emotions just getting to me.

But that’s not even the main topic of of today. What am about to show you is a little comparison so you can see why Beyonce is right when she says BOW DOWN BIIIIIIIIIITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHES.

So subject number 1

You know i got love for kanye and of course kanye got love for his chick. But this video is crazy and basic as fuck.

West’s Nick Knight-directed video features the rapper driving a motorcycle and Kardashian is riding it facing him. She has no bra on and her boobs shake up and down as the motorcycle goes faster. The couple get very intimate and appear to have taken a love scene out of their bedroom.

Man your girl is already well know from taking Ray J’s frankfurter in her batten burgers and you want to put her on fricking map again by making love to her naked on a motorcycle in front of a green screen of scenery.I love you yeezy and all no homo but fuck this, this one goes to team Ray J and your fake kim kardashian look alike of a girlfriend you draking motherf*****.

Subject 1 paragraph 2

Now Beyonce is clearly looking at you like yeah bitch i wear the pants in this relationship. She did not appear naked in this, she did twerk though like i mean she from Houston she shook her bootylicious behind. But she took a classy approach to her portrayal of the love she got for her man. Then man like HOOOOOVAA just killed is if i do say so myself, if I do say so myself(Get it…… no? …… listen to the song drunk in love then you twat). I’m just saying kanye you need to step your game up and realise you need to surpass Jay z someday like i mean that’s the reason of him making you protégé.(If you dont know what it means look it up) ….  So when the day comes when he retires you will still be giving people Tyson blows.

Ok for the next comparison you really need to be on a laptop to view this to its full effect.

Twerk battle

From pour it up


From the vma (Robin thicke what were you thinking are you really that thick)


From grown woman preview

I think we know who has won here.

Rihanna keep trying(You destroyed miley anyways).

Miley cyrus.


Thank you for your time its hard to get 3 minutes of reading time from people these days please please please share this shit i know it made you laugh. By the way for those who cant take jokes I don’t literally mean kill yourself. I love Kanye West  I really do I don’t rate Kim.  Anyways I always have dope posts and I have one killer on coming for the end of the year. If you want to catch me and give out shit to me or give me new topics hit me up at.




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Hoerrer stories: Dressing for the summer in the winter

The Girl in the picture got you didnt it.

Ok its the winter you know Christmas is nearly here and everyone is out shopping and
that and so was I. Then the new topic of the day hit me like an automatic door i walked into last week.
(your meant to giggle right now)

Anyways the topic is how to tell a hoe by how she dresses.
I know, I know never judge a book by its cover. Well these books are not even wearing covers and its like -12 degrees outside.

If you are a FOB or just mentally retarded when it comes to women after we are done here you will be able to spot a hoe from a mile away. (From how she dresses of course)


Yes your starting to see what am saying, How can girls wear crosses on their legs when your va jay jay is filled with sin. Plus girl your knickers is showing no other girl wants to see that, but plenty of guys do though so you know what your doing.


If she is dressed like the girl in the image above with the denim short shorts(Look i dont know what you girls call it) and has a flipping beanie on.


I think everyone at this day and age has realised basic hoes have depreciated the value of certain beanies.(Not all just some of them). Gal like the one in the picture would dress in short shorts, t shirt and an open penny zip hoodie and then be like prrr its cold let me wear a beanie…………



If she got many of these type of hoodies in her wardrobe or on then you know she a cheap ass hoe. Why?

Because the more mens hoodies that she has that is not hers the more guys she has fucked straight up.

If you ever walk into your girlfriends wardrobe(she must be doing well to have a walk in wardrobe) and you see a XL last kings hoodie in there. She better be able to tell you with a straight face that her mum messed up the laundry and mixed up yours with her older brothers.

Any-ways that’s me done with this article. Dont refer to women as hoes just like i did cause its disrespectful.But at the end of it all dress the way you want to dress but come on belly-tops and short shorts in the winter what do you want rigamortis.

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Now i got bare love for weezy aka tunechi aka lil wayne , lil tunechi, lil tune and the many other names he got for himself

but obviously sometimes he says somethings that just make you think ……… really .. a grown man like you cant think of a mind fucking metaphor to use so you hit us with such stupidity.

And then suprisingly you the fan will hear such lines and be like 


If you are one of these people then you must be obviously one of the following

  • Not a rapper (see what i did there)
  • Not a true fan
  • Must be a simpleton who follows the likes of chief queef and gbe and such nonsense (last time such person said something like this GBE was painted in lamb blood on the side of his house ….. but that was in america i think am fine over here :p).
  • or a complete tard who just listens to anything with a beat
  • Or maybe you just normal and couldnt GAF

But anyways i thought i might summarise a line or three and my reactions to 

it because i cant understand how he can claim he is the best rapper alive when he is spitting out

such terrible lines.


“Jumped on the celly, called Makaveli/He say he was gravy,
I say I was jelly”
—Reaction: Wait so now not only is tupac alive (which i believe so myself)
but he is accepting calls from other rappers too. *Facepalm*

“I’m beneficial/I’ve been official/I say you rappers sweet, tiramissile.”
—Reaction: hmm so your saying most rappers are sweet like cake … hmm


“I get money to kill time, dead clocks.”
—Reaction: im pretty sure my little sister would have come up with
such wordplay. To anybody who thought this was any worth you must really
be a starter in this shit.

“Cause she my honey bee, yeah, buzz buzz/And now I’m itching and scratching, that’s that love bug.”
—Reaction: itching and scratching weezy …….i think your suffering from crabs



To my niggas in the game, keep the game fair/Players play, coaches coach and cheerleaders cheer…”

—Reaction: And drivers drive.. and dancers dance and teachers teach … nursery rhyme flow.


All these lines would be cool in a rap battle because people will laugh and that would get the crowd on your side but come tunechi 

your getting paid millions .. stop slacking.

Man like weezy