Grammy Season!!

Yes am back.

Funnily enough this is my first post of 2014.

Just wanted to point out a little something that i don’t think anyone has realized yet or maybe they have but they don’t have a loud mouth like i do 🙂



has anyone realized that Young Moneys very own artist and Cash Money Boss Lil Tuenchi, fireman, Wayne has not been nominated for sh*it.

Obviously not you guys were still crying over beyonce and jay z surfboarding last night …

and Yoko getting turnt up last night during pharrel daft punk and stevie wonders get lucky performance

(i swear i never laughed so much in my life)

Not only that lil wayne hasn’t really been nominated for the VMA’s or the BET awards last year and i didnt see him nominated for a grammy.

he even tweeted it himself and instead of doing a kanye west and ranting his ass off and degrading these corporations, man like weezy assured his fans he will work harder.

see below.

“Noticed I wasn’t nominated nor involved n da MTV VMA’s nor da BET awards…I apologize to my fans and I promise 2 work harder if it kills me”

Even though I am not one of these people, I have noticed that a lot of “hip hop fans” have been getting fed up with Tune‘s recent music and are complaining 24/7 that his music sucks. I guess this tweet by Weezy will make them feel happier again to know that he is getting his motivation back!

oh and  despite what anyone says S/O to macklemore for winning a grammy he really worked his ass of and got nowhere for it and then his 1st album got him worldwide and famous he deserved it. Sure the dude even sent this text to kendrick lamar ….. you know just to rub it in




But let us be honest here i agree with the following dude




oh yeah and did anyone else peep that taylor swift thought she won a grammy oh no here is a gif to remind you.

crazy girl and her ridiculous dance moves



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