I would love to credit the person who said a picture paints a thousand words because in conjunction with the title i don’t have to say no more do i.

This ones more for the ladies, you guys might get offended and might want to ali me later when you get me but your weapons shall not prosper.


Some of you would actually stick your dick in a female like this.

Why … thats not even thirstiness that is dehydration.

What would happen if you got such a chick pregnant………. let me guess


By now i know you lot (girls mostly) are like, wow how can you say all these things (you probably wasnt even thinking it but now you are), do you have a problem with overweight people.

No you assuming simpleton(I aint got no hate for overweight people or whatever if your overweight and you carry yourself classy then shout-outs to you)

what am saying is some of you guys would be in a relationship with a girl like this


and one day you will have the balls to go cheat on your “BAE” as you would call her with a girl(i dont even know if she is or not with them pacio muscles) like this


and never tell a soul. *Facepalm*

Did a braincell or 25 disintegrate in your head or something.

You want to go and cheat on beyonce with azelia banks are you sane at all.

Finishing note: All am saying is if your dating someone as hot as lets say tyra banks minus the helicopter pad on her forehead just be loyal and don’t go and pick up a chick looking like chief keef and cheat like that and then get all super sayan when you see some other gentleman like Miguel treat your women right.


Bad example? ok sorry lol anyways i love you lot share this everywhere there is more to come and also

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